Olive oil?! That's almost as bad as the time the Queen of England bitched about being gifted an iPod Nano when all she gave Barry was a signed picture of herself. » 1/19/11 6:02pm 1/19/11 6:02pm

MTV's SKINS Premiere: I Can't Believe I Had To Watch That Twice

We've already told you what we think of MTV's SKINS, which premiered tonight. The episode may have been entertaining for people who have never seen the original British series, but we're sticking to our guns: this remake sucks really badly. » 1/18/11 1:12am 1/18/11 1:12am

@lafleur: The US Cassie didn't develop as much in the episodes we saw, but if anything she was a little less bizarre or hard to follow... while still being bizarre. If that makes any sense. » 1/12/11 1:37pm 1/12/11 1:37pm

Join Gawker.TV in Washington, D.C. for the Rally to Restore Sanity and…

On October 30th, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will host dueling rallies on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. to Restore Sanity and Keep Fear Alive in America. Gawker.TV will be there, and we're inviting you to join us. » 10/28/10 4:10pm 10/28/10 4:10pm

Jersey Shore: It's Not "Goodbye," It's "See You Later"

The contractually obligated brawling came to an end last night with the season finale of Jersey Shore. The roommates found the strength to muster one last heated exchange before packing their bags and saying goodbye to Florida. » 10/22/10 11:35am 10/22/10 11:35am

Jersey Shore: Mike's Empty Bed Situation

If you missed this week's Jersey Shore, you missed many things: JWoww's reinterpretation of the concept of "clothing," Sammi's belief that she is passably Asian, and the Situation's ability to drive women out of his and Pauly's arms. Video inside. » 10/15/10 4:42pm 10/15/10 4:42pm